One would think that the second to last retail release day before Halloween would be packed with horror movies, no? Why weight all the releases at the crowded book ends for the month? You've got me. All I know is that this week's William Castle box set has more movies in it than the total number of horror titles out today.

Best of the New Releases: Wrong Turn 3, 100 Feet
Did anyone predict that Rob Schmidt's 2003 flick about murderous hill folk in the backwoods of West Virginia would turn into a franchise? I know I didn't. Sure, it's sequels have all been straight-to-video, but part 2 (directed by Joe Lynch) was met with wide acclaim for its free-spirited, nothing-to-lose brand of grizzly kills and intentional chuckles. And unlike most STV franchises, Wrong Turn has kept its R-rated roots intact. I'd even argue that as the series progressed, things became more demented than Schmidt's original, this new part 3 being no exception. Directed by Syfy channel regular Declan O'Brien, Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead is a little basic, but its 'escaped prisoners vs hillbillies' plot should appeal to die hard fans.
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