As a male fan of horror, I am more than pleased that there is no shortage of attractive young ladies willing to cover themselves in blood and pose scantily clad all for the sake of fandom. Plus, given that that we're smack dab in the middle of the Halloween season, what better way to celebrate than twelve months of vintage-inspired pin-up girls paying homage to the walking dead?

The My Zombie Pin-Upcalendar features twelve zombified models baring both skin and bone and doing so with style and panache. The photographs range from simply mild rotting flesh, as Miss July shows us, or full on "Holy crap, I think she's mutated," as Miss November so disturbingly portrays.

The make-up and level of detail on these women is fantastic, and due to a limited supply, they'll probably sell out incredibly quick. If you miss your chance to pick one up, why not go the extra mile and enter the contest for the 2011 edition? Full details on the contest can be found here, while photos of all the pin-ups with accompanying make-up and photography credits can be found on the website.

Nice to see some sexy undead chicks with some braaaaains.

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