Hi. I'm Brian, and I am addicted to horror. As a member of the newest batch of horrorphiles here on Horror Squad, I thought I would hit the ground running with a celebration of demise! Like any horror fanatic worth his salt, I am striving to watch one new horror film everyday ... especially this month. I had been avoiding the House of Wax remake for years specifically because of its inclusion of Paris Hilton; much as I assume was the position of many of you. But the fact is that this is among the better horror remakes out there (yes, out of the gate I make a statement like that). Please send all hate mail to Scott Weinberg. Among several other high points, including bearing a striking resemblance to a great 1979 horror film called Tourist Trap, this film features one of the creepiest fates I have ever seen.

Jared Padalecki, whom at the time was probably convinced that his career was on the rise and his days of horror remakes were numbered, makes the mistake of crossing paths with an evil wax-amatician named Vincent (appropriately enough) who decides to use him to push the boundaries of modern art. He makes several pronounced cuts into Padalecki's body, but he doesn't kill him. Instead, he coats him with searing hot wax and puts him on display in his museum. There he sits, a vegetative, but still very much in agony, sculpture behind a grand piano. It's deliciously morbid how peaceful his exterior appears while he is clearly screaming with his eyes. The best part is when his buddy tries to wipe away the wax and ends up taking off a huge chunk of his face. Awesome.

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