Have you been watching "FlashForward", ABC's new sci-fi drama/mystery serial about a world in which everyone blacks out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, getting a glimpse of their future in the process? Perhaps you know it better as the show in which every building is on fire. Anyway, I hope you haven't become too attached to the tone the series has been striking with its post-pilot episodes as the man who was running things behind-the-scenes, Marc Guggenheim, has been removed from the show.

Guggenheim, who recently captained the lawyer-with-a-musical-brain-tumor show "Eli Stone" for ABC, has been replaced by "FlashForward" co-creator and executive producer David Goyer. No explicit reason has been given as to why the network decided to replace Guggenheim, but common sense would have you believe it has to do with the full-point ratings drop between the pilot episode, directed by Goyer, and the most recent episode overseen by Guggenheim.

The Hollywood Reporter makes it sound like the original intention was to always have Goyer control the day-to-day direction of the show, but the network lacked confidence in the face of the usual movie-man's inexperience in the world of television showrunning. But now that the series has been picked up for a full season, ABC has passed the reigns over to the man who helped write Dark City, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight for the remainder of this season. So if, like me, your interest in the time-jumping mystery is spreading thin, you might want to hang around until episode 13 or so to see if things once again match the promises of the pilot.
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