With Trick 'r Treatfinally available and living up to the tidal wave of hype that preceded it, Michael Dougherty is suddenly a big deal in the horror community. We're all waiting to see what he's going to do next (a Trick 'r Treat sequel would make me happy) and he seems to have a few irons in the fire (the potential for the sequel is there, and his werewolf series, Bitches, is still in development at Fox).

One project he's been linked to is an adaptation of Josh Howard's comic Dead@17--the story of a young girl who's killed then reborn to kick demon ass. MTV caught up with the director last week and he updated them on the status of the project and clarified some of the early rumors that have been floating around in regards to casting and other issues.

When asked about the film Dougherty replied with an answer sure to disappoint anyone who loves the comic. "That's so early in development. "There's just nothing to talk about right now."

He went on to dispel some other myths, namely that Vanessa Hudgens would be starring and that he's writing the screenplay personally. "That was a weird Internet rumor. I'm not attached to officially write it; I'm attached to produce with some other guys." In fact, the production is so early in the development cycle that they don't even have a writer yet. Disappointing news? You bet. If Dead@17 is still in the pre-production stage, it's going to be years before we ever see Nara Kilday on the big screen.

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