With the rise of the zombie film over much of the last decade, there have been many attempts to branch out and create a wholly unique vision of the walking dead. New Zealand filmmaker Jonathan King gave us zombie sheep in 2007's Black Sheep, while 2004's Les Revenants, directed by Robin Campillo, gave us zombies that wanted nothing more than to be reintegrated into society. In between these unique interpretations, however, we were still given your classic zombie but with the added flair of being a Nazi.

Despite being stuck in production Hell due to a lack of financing, my vote for best Nazi film is Worst Case Scenario, a film that possessed a trailer so flippin' awesome it comes as no surprise it will never see the light of day. Thanks to Fangoria, however, my attentions have now been turned to 4th Reich, a flick directed by Shaun Robert Smith and described as "a war film with zombies."

The film, which is born out of his award-winning short The Soldier, follows a group of Allied soldiers who stumble upon a Nazi plan to create an army of undead soldiers. Despite sounding like one Hell of a good time, Smith also told Fangoria the film will be in 3-D, a fact that sent a chill down my spine due to my loathing of all things 3-D horror.

4th Reich also features an impressive cast, starring Sean Pertwee and Craign Conway, both from Neil Marshall's Doomsday, and zombie veteran and effects guru Tom Savini in a cameo. If you head on over to Fangoria you can catch some exclusive production art, while clicking the image will take you the official home for the film.
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