Don't get me wrong, I thought that the first trailer for the Joe Johnston directed remake of The Wolfman was an excellent debut that helped dispel some of the fears that built up during the troubled production and subsequent release date shuffling, but this new trailer...this one has me scrambling to somehow invent a time machine so I can travel to 02/10/2010 just to lay eyes on the full film. This new trailer, nestled lower down in this post, has a decidedly more modern feel to it, despite it's Victorian setting, thanks entirely to the same instrumental rock variant to Marilyn Manson's "If I was Your Vampire" that was used in the Max Payne trailer.

Yet those Max Payne rock cues do little to betray the fact that The Wolfman looks like an absolutely amazing creature feature. Sure, purists can complain, perhaps rightly so, that there is an over use of CGI and that Rick Baker should have been more involved in creating practical, on-set transformation effects. But I think there is little denying that this looks like a total, maniacal blast. We now have more of a glimpse at Benecio del Toro's ravaged soul, as well as a few key glimpses into the lives of those around him.

Perhaps my favorite shot of the trailer isn't even of the Wolfman, rather of Hugo Weaving with a fistful of non-silver bullets; a sure sign of the skin-ripping mayhem Universal is going to be offering up in February.
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