With a title like ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction, a horror fan already knows exactly the kind of film they're getting into. You don't even need to watch a trailer or look at a poster, you can just glance at the three words and have visions of undead mayhem made on a modest-to-low budget. Now I'm not making fun of the film or even the title, but it's hard to ignore the certain expectations that come with it, which may or may not be a problem for After Dark Films now that they've bought distribution rights to the "political zomedy".

News of the acquisition came by way of a recent rating of the film by the MPAA (it got an R, by the way, for "strong bloody zombie violence and gore, language, sexual references and brief drug use"), though After Dark have not made an official announcement of the pick up. That means there is no word from down high yet as to whether not ZMD was grabbed to be a new member of this January's Horrorfest. Chances are that's what the master plan is, however, which means that Kevin Hamedani's film should be joining The Graves, Dread, Lake Mungo, and Hidden.

You can watch the trailer for Zombies of Mass Destruction below, or if you favor words over sights and sounds, read on for the synopsis pulled from the official website.
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