Dark Knight biker suit

In an effort to make bikers look and feel more like celebrated vigilantes, Universal Design Replicas has created this limited edition, hand-crafted Dark Knight motorcycle suit, complete with heavily segmented pecs and abs. (Sorry, Bat-cowl and cape not included.) Now the nerdiest bikers, or those looking to suit up like ol' Bats for Halloween, can look like Bruce Wayne zooming away on the Batpod by taking advantage of UD's limited run of 1000 suits. The set costs about $1,000, but UD promises its worth the price:

"Make no mistake, this is not a costume. As a 'replica' of what Batman 'wears' this motorcycle suit has been brought to life with real world function and use...all the while paying tribute to the screen used Batman suit in a way fans of The Dark Knight™ expect to see in all it's glory," reads the pitch on their site.

And they're not lying. Parts of the suit feature removable Kevlar body armor just like in the movie. And, the site explains, you can wear the top part of the suit as your everyday "leather jacket of choice." Just don't wear it around Gotham City -- we all saw what The Joker did to that one Bat poser.

And speaking of The Joker, click through to see what UD thinks the Clown Prince of Crime's goons would be wearing in the real world.
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