John Woo's Red Cliff isn't just the most expensive Asian movie ever made, it's also an epic testament to history and actual wars that were waged on both land and sea. In China the film was four hours long and split into two parts, but American audiences are getting a 2.5 hour version that (unfortunately) has a lot trimmed out of it. There are massive battles, martial arts, trickery, and of course, doves. It is a John Woo film, after all. It is also awesome, and enough to make you forget that he directed Paycheck.

Check out the exclusive clip after the jump which features the initiation of the climactic clash between Cao Cao and Zhou Yu's forces. This is just one of three massive battles in the film which is available today on VOD, Amazon, and the Xbox, and will appear in theaters on November 18th. This movie marks a return of the old John Woo, and it's about time he came back. Let's just hope he'll give us a two-gun wielding Chow Yun-Fat one more time.

Head on after the break to watch the clip and then check out the movie, which is best described as 300 meets Hero with a dash of those huge battles from all of the Lord of the Rings films tossed in.