Cairo TimeAh, forbidden love. So tempting. So exhilarating. So morally questionable. The latest movie to explore this quintessential theme is Ruba Nadda's 'Cairo Time', about the love affair between a magazine editor (Patricia Clarkson) and her husband's business associate (Alexander Siddig). The kicker? Her unsuspecting husband (Tom McCamus) unwittingly played matchmaker when he asked his Egyptian associate to entertain the wife while he wrapped up some work in Gaza.

This titillating plotline helped the movie score the coveted "Best Canadian Feature" nod at the Toronto International Film Festival this past September. Nobody loves forbidden love stories more than I do, so I'll gleefully take this opportunity to segue into a run-down of the top forbidden love matches I'm aware of. (To say of all-time is too ambitious, really. I haven't seen every movie ever made!)

Obviously, Romeo & Juliet is the archetypal forbidden love story. It tops every list, which is why it is omitted from this list. This is a conscious decision and not an oversight. End of disclaimer.
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