Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe this is a prop from any of the Alien movies. In fact, I don't know what movie this alien head was made for because the video doesn't say -- but I do know that it's funky and freaky and even though it's obviously fake, it's still scary as all hell. Doing a little investigating online, I believe the folks responsible for this alien head come from a small Canadian-based production company called KRE8-FX Productions, who specialize in props, FX, costumes and video production.

From their website: Kre8-fx is an artistic design studio owned and operated by Pete Mander in Onatrio Canada.. Most of our creations are original commissioned works . we recreate props and costumes from existing films to widen our portfolio. In this way we can demonstrate our talents in a manner that is familiar and recognizable to potential and existing industry clients. When creating such works, our aim is to demonstrate our capabilities.

Check out video of the alien head after the jump, and tell me you'd feel safe sleeping in the same room as that thing overnight.
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