Almost nothing will stay free on the Internet forever. In the beginning, it will be available to all -- tantalizing you with its new ways, sucking you into addiction. And then the inevitable announcement will come: We must add ads! We must require payment! This stuff isn't free, you know! We need to make ends meet!

Broadcasting & Cable reports that News Corp. Deputy Chairman Chase Carey says: "It's time to start getting paid for broadcast content online." All about "value," he continues: "I think a free model is a very difficult way to capture the value of our content. I think what we need to do is deliver that content to consumers in a way where they will appreciate the value. Hulu concurs with that, it needs to evolve to have a meaningful subscription model as part of its business."

NewCorp swears that there's no timeline set yet, but "supposes it's at least in 2010." So, as soon as next year, you might have to pay to delight in all things Hulu. But would you? I can't see most Hulu fans continuing to visit the site if they have to pay to do so. Isn't that the whole point of the service? Now maybe if that pay service came with every single TV show to air, available whenever you want, I'd consider it. Otherwise, no way.

Will you pay for Hulu?

[via EW]
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