Dominic Sena and Nicholas Cage, I'm very concerned. Nic, aside from ruining my memories of the Ghost Rider comic and attempting to remake the splendor that is Wicker Man--you've had all the charisma of a wax dummy for far too long. Dom, you also directed Whiteout which made Rotten Tomatoes' Worst of the Worst 2009 List. So far, Season of the Witch is not winning any points with me.

Season of the Witch stars Nicholas Cage and Ron Perlman (who would rather be working on Bubba Nosferatu) as 14th Century Crusaders, who transport a suspected witch (Claire Foy) believed to be responsible for spreading the Black Plague. Supernatural forces ensue. The film also stars Stephen Campbell Moore, Robbie Sheehan and Stephen Graham (Tommy!).

Check out the teaser trailer Lionsgate released after the jump. Can you get past the hair that escaped from Critters and the mumbling of every line that Nic kills? Perhaps the awkward fumblings of Cage on Foy action will entice some, but I'd rather watch paint dry.

Season of the Witch is in theaters March 19, 2010.
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