If you're an aspiring filmmaker hoping to break into the studio system, you'll want to hop on over to Massify.com and create an account. If you're unfamiliar with the site, it's a portal that links together actors, writers, directors and producers for all kinds of in-community projects that result in everything from Internet shorts to TV commercials to actual feature-length films. Now Lionsgate has taken notice of the service, signing a deal with the startup that will hopefully lead to multiple theatrical films down the line.

The collaboration is being dubbed the Lionsgate Incubator Project (LINC) and will kick off later this year with a "high-concept, male-driven comedy short", no doubt inspired by the enormous success of The Hangover, that will serve as a proving ground for future development. If the end product satisfies Lionsgate, they'll usher it into their feature film development program the same way they would any other project.

Lionsgate isn't the first studio to take advantage of the Massify process, either. After Dark Films created the film Perkins 14 by running a competition through the site in which users submitted and then voted on scripts, cast, and even directors. And though Lionsgate doesn't cite ADF's success (Perkins 14 was one of the better reviewed titles of the last Horrorfest), it's clear that they see the bonus inherent to working with thousands of hungry talents. From the Massify press release on their new deal:
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