Uma ThurmanUma Thurman literally danced her way into moviegoers' hearts in 1994's 'Pulp Fiction,' scoring an Oscar nomination for her turn as a milkshake-sipping gangster's wife who does the Twist with John Travolta's hitman -- and she's never looked back.

Since then, Uma has played a sports-and-whiskey-loving beautiful girl in the comedic gem 'Beautiful Girls,' donned a corset for Merchant-Ivory period piece 'The Golden Bowl', showed off her pipes in the big-screen adaptations of two Broadway musicals ('Les Miserables' and 'The Producers'), and been Quentin Tarantino's blade-wielding muse in two epic 'Kill Bill' movies (yes, a third is on the way). A few duds aside (Batman & Robin,' we're looking at you), she's turned in quite an impressive and varied body of work. With the indie dramedy 'Motherhood' in limited release this week, Thurman braves new territory on-screen (but familiar territory off-screen) to play a frazzled New York City mom just trying to get through the day.

In an exclusive interview, the 39-year-old mother of two opens up about braving the paparazzi to take her children to the playground, dealing with hostile New Yorkers, dancing her heart out on film ... and picking up her Hanzo sword once more to play the butt-kicking Bride in 'Kill Bill Vol. 3.'
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