We've had a lot of unofficial parparazzi shots ofThe A-Teamand their van, but now you can go into your weekend having seen the real deal, courtesy of Salon Del Mal. Try to contain your excitement, as no one around you is going to understand it. Just keep the joy to yourself, and then when a coworker or friend says "Oh my God, did you see that official photo of The A-Team?", you can talk freely.

In all seriousness (well, as serious as one can get), this photo is kind of creepy. I have to echo Drew McWeeny of HitFix, who declared that Liam Neeson looked like he was wearing a George Peppard Halloween costume. I have to extend that to the entire cast, especially Sharltro Copley as Howling Mad Murdock. With all their talk of going dark and gritty, I expected the cast and crew of this would make this A-Team their own characters. The names would be the same, there'd be a few nostalgic nods, but they'd go in a unique direction. Instead, they just shrugged and made an exact replica of Mr. T. They really do look like a group of dedicated costumers that youd meet at DragonCon.

I don't mean to sound disappointed or negative. I'm not invested enough in the original to mind, and I like the cast Joe Carnahan has assembled. I think this could be fun. Even if it's not, at least I can gaze at Bradley Cooper and his leonine hair which is still very much intact. Never trust those grainy paparazzi images that say otherwise.

Sound off what you think of your official look. A bigger photo is included in the gallery.

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