I'm not a fan of Marc Ecko's eponymous clothing line Ecko Unlimited, but I admire the man for not only his entrepreneurial spirit, but for the fact that he branded Barry Bonds' record-breaking home run ball with an asterisk before eventually donating it to the Hall of Fame. Now just in time for Halloween he's unleashed a new line of horror-themed hoodies that serve not only to clothe you during these frigid winter months, but to envelop your head in the mask and/or face of popular horror and rock and roll icons.

Featuring designs centered on the Joker, Batman, Jigsaw, Jason Voorhees, and for some reason Gene Simmons from KISS, the hoodies possess the added feature of being able zip up entirely over your head and face, allowing you to effectively take on the appearance of the iconic character.

Interesting, to say the least. The prices are a little steep, with the Batman hoodie going for at $98.00 on the high end and the Jigsaw hoodie going for $78 on the low end. Head on over here to take a gander at the rest of the hoodies.

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