Long before it became every studio's fondest wish to remake just about every horror flick ever produced ... it was the 1980s. And back in my day, sonny, we got GOOD horror remakes, ones that used the original films as mere jumping-off points for something darker and more creative! I'm talking Carpenter's The Thing, Cronenberg's The Fly, and ... Chuck Russell's The Blob?

Absolutely. But while those other remakes I just mentioned really did try something new with an old story, the 1988 version of The Blob is basically ... just a remake. Same story, essentially the same characters, etc., but there was a big upgrade in the monster department. In other words, the '80s version of The Blob had some real attitude. He'd suck you down a drain if you weren't careful! So since it's Friday (and October), go grab some headphones, lock your office door, and kick back with Chuck Russell's very amusing remake of The Blobright here at AOL SlashControl.

[Geeky note: This remake was co-written by Frank Darabont, who also worked on The Fly 2 and Freddy 3 before graduating to The Shawshank Redemption and The Mist.]
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