It's time for Horror Bites -- your (semi) daily round-up of blood, guts, and torturous mayhem from around the web:

Has the latest Crow incarnation been "very well received" as Mania reports?

In case you didn't get enough Stan Helsing with the trailer, FEARnet shares six clips and premiere photos.

They also report that Atreyu is serving fans not only with a new video, but also an online shooter called Metalhead Zombies.

A girl tied up? Unpossible! Fangoria has thrown up an all-too-familiar image from Jason Horton's new Trap.

Ready for Kat Von D horror? Bloody Disgusting shares a trailer for The Bleeding, and then some behind-the-scenes footage from Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead.

Brian Bendis tells MTV that his Torso movie is "not dead yet."
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