I feel like Justin Theroux is becoming some kind of muse to the masses, gently introducing them to the offbeat and cool before moving onto something else. The majority of American moviegoers probably don't know his name, but they feel his influence. Someday, every man in America will start wearing fedoras again, and not really know why. The reason will be Theroux. But first, he plans to hook everyone on Air Guitar, and introduce the masses to the offbeat world that cherishes the talent.

Varietyreports that Theroux has signed on to produce Paramount's Air Guitar, a story centered around the self-consciously ironic world of air guitar championships. The project has been in the works at Paramount since 2006 or so, and is cobbled together from the 2006 documentary Air Guitar Nation and Dan Crane's bookTo Air Is Human. Screenwriting duties originally belonged to Ian Roberts and Jay Martel, but they now are the sole responsibility of Mike Lisbe and Nate Reger. That's all we know about the project so far, except that it'll probably involve a lot of kicks, devil horns, and suggestive tongue movements by its stars. (Does anyone ever do the famous Mick Ronson & David Bowie guitar move? I hope so.)

Paramount hopes that Air Guitar will capitalize on the current be-your-own-rock star popularity of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. I think you're seeing the start of a trend, and that Air Guitar championships will become staples of your local clubs until every frat boy has drained the ironic cool out of it. By then it won't matter, because Theroux will have moved on, and quietly introduced something else into the mainstream. As we ponder what that might be, I've embedded the 2007 trailer for Air Guitar Nation below the jump. Watch it, so you can smile knowingly when people in your office start talking seriously about air guitar.
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