Could Madonna's Hollywood life fare any better as director? After seeing a tweet pop up from Production Weekly, I headed over to the Daily Mail to learn that Madonna has written a film called W.E. with Truth or Dare director Alex Keshishian, which she's planning to direct. This will be her second feature after the not-so-great Filth and Wisdom from 2008.

The first film was typical Madonna -- fetishes, re-appropriating iconic symbols (the Rocky Horrorish lips that graced the films poster). But this time around... The film is said to be a romantic comedy following a woman called Wally Winthrop. "The synopsis of W.E. states that Wally was 'named for her grandmother's passion' and there are fantasy and flashback scenes involving Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson who, after the Abdication, were styled the Duke and Duchess of Windsor." Wally marries a pediatrician and then, it seems, falls for a security guard.

The singer is currently getting help from the ex and trying to cast this thing and get enough star clout to get financed. Thus far, she's talked to RocknRolla names like Mark Strong and Toby Kebbell. The funny thing -- while no one seems to be recoiling from the thought of her as writer/director, they do not want her in front of the camera: "A couple of agents who represent distinguished thespians sought reassurances that Madonna was not going to act in the picture as well." The post follows: "'She would have said if she was to be in it. It's a game-changer. Some find it difficult to act opposite her. Ask Rupert Everett,' a denizen of Soho told me yesterday."

Anything is possible, but right now, I can't get images of Marie Antoinette restylized with a bipolar plot, Madonna covering all the tunes, and Wally swathed in black lace tops whilst kissing young girls for cred. You?
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