What do you do after vampires become the hottest thing since sliced bread? You get werewolves. And when you need to break beyond that? Witches, of course! Variety reports that DreamWorks has grabbed its own potential teen romance phenomenon by grabbing the rights to Wicked, a young adult series by Nancy Holder (of Buffy book fame) and Debbie Viguie. (To be adapted by brothers Aaron and Matthew Benay.)

Having nothing to do with the popular musical, Wicked follows a young girl who movies in with her aunt and cousins after her parents are killed in an accident. Soon her grief is sidelined by witchy occurrences, like whispering secrets to her cat and watching them come true. And then, well then there's the romance. Rather than being town between a cold and sparkly vamp or warm and furry paramour, she's mesmerized by a boy who turns out to be in a rival coven.

I'm surprised they didn't turn to L.J. Smith and her The Secret Circle trilogy, considering the popularity The Vampire Diaries has had on television. But then again, this other series takes place in Seattle, so Twihards can pretend this is going on alongside Bella and Edward's adventures. At the very least, I like that the ever rampant teen musicals seem to be giving way to less song and dance fare. Now if we could only get more brains with the romance and supernatural fervor...
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