What's this? A horror film involving the Nazis that doesn't feature Hitler's minions running around as flesh-eating undead? Is this even legal?

Apparently so, because director Martin Bech has unveiled the first teaser trailer for his new Nazi-themed horror flick Final Solution. The film stars Maja Mae, Caspar Jexley Fomsgaard, Behruz Banissi, Dennis Haladyn, and Line Ystergaard, and revolves around a young girl's quest to find out what happened to her family during WWII. Her journey takes her to dark places, where she and her friends will uncover a Nazi evil of unspeakable proportions.

Early descriptions are calling Final Solution a slasher flick. It's a little hard to tell exactly what it is from the trailer, but it definitely looks interesting (despite the minor grammatical error...). I'm a little dubious of the whole "based on actual events" tag, unless that was a thinly veiled jab at the Holocaust deniers out there. Whatever the case, I'm eagerly anticipating this film's 2010 release date.

Click past the jump to experience the teaser trailer firsthand.

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