Tobin Bell in Saw 6Another year, another 'Saw' movie. With Halloween fast approaching, 'Saw VI' -- that's right, the sixth 'Saw' film in as many years -- hacks its way into theaters today, almost surely destined to once again take the box office crown (unless, of course, 'Paranormal Activity' has anything to say about it).

The franchise is as reliable as the Energizer Bunny and as comforting to its devoted, blood-and-guts/torture-loving fan base as a warm cup of hot cocoa. Judging by the smattering of reviews out there (and by the news that the film is so awesomely violent that it's been slapped with an X rating in Spain and relegated to screening in porno theaters there), the fan-friendly franchise's sixth go-around more than makes up for a fifth installment that left even Jigsaw's most diehard aficionados a bit puzzled. Check out reviews after the jump.
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