I grew up watching movies. Unfortunately for me, and my job, it wasn't a rich resume of epic adventures and award-winning fare. It was a collection of retro nostalgia, horse racing, weekly Friday night movies to see the mainstream fare, and anything by C. Thomas Howell. Yes, I think between '85-'95 I saw everything with Ponyboy. My favorite, of course, being Side Out.

In reflection, I'm sure the myriad of terrible B movies and fluff fare is the reason I have such a deep appreciation for cult films. Like any parent-kid relationship, you're taught a set of values, you apply them with your own tastes, and then the parental units recoil. I'm sure they never thought that a childhood with Arsenic and Old Lace would inspire later years with David Lynch, Bruce Campbell, and The House of Yes.

But it was also a very particular affair. At first it was haphazard -- picking films at random, the adamant being the most successful. Then it became turn-based. My pick one week, dad's the next, mom's the week after, and so on and so forth. When I'd pick mine, half the time it would be followed by a heavy blanket of guilt and awkwardness -- the stupidity I felt picking Lost Highway when it was my turn, or in a visit back home a few years later, Undercover Brother. No matter what democracy was instilled in the process, it never turned out quite right. I guess that's the rub when trying to find a movie that pleases three wildly different sets of taste.

Was, or is, family moviegoing part of your routine, and if so: How did/do you handle it, and how did it inform your future movie interests?
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