I've never been to Asia, but based on my extensive viewing of horror cinema from the region, I've decided that it's absolutely amazing anyone graduates from high school or college. Practically every school featured in a horror film from the region is either a testing ground for a program that pits students against each other in mortal combat (Battle Royale), the site of nefarious black magic rituals (Eko Eko Azarak: Wizard of Darkness), or ground zero for some sort of supernatural malevolence involving really angry Asian ghost girls.

The new subtitled trailer for Thai horror flick Haunted Universities (which first appeared over at Wise Kwai's Thai Film Journal and has now been picked up by Twitch) appears to fall mostly in the last category. I didn't see an angry girl ghosts in the clip, but I did see a haunted school--which always spells trouble for the kids who go there.

According to the brief synopsis at Wise Kwai's site, the film is about students who're encountering real versions of all the ghost stories told at Thai universities to scare the incoming freshmen. The film marks the directorial debut for filmmakers Bunjong Sinthanamongkolkul and Suthiporn Tubtim.

No word yet on whether someone will pick up Haunted Universities for domestic distribution, but I'm sure someone in Hollywood is already trying to figure out a way to remake it...

Jump past the break to check out the trailer.
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