I'm afraid to look at my account statistics for Left 4 Dead, the addicting FPS from all-around outstanding game wizards Valve. I'd love to know precisely how many thousands upon thousands of the undead horde I have mowed down or how many teammates I've accidentally (learn to duck, noobs!) popped a cap in since the game came out last fall, but frankly I don't want to see how much time I've actually spent playing the game. The number is, I have no doubt, colossal, and I'm not sure I'm ready to have my addiction quantified like that.

Which is a trepidation that will only get worse with the impending release of Left 4 Dead 2 on November 17th. I've intentionally been avoiding paying too much attention to it, secretly hoping that if I pretend it doesn't exist I won't once again turn into a withered husk that never sees the sunlight upon its release. But seeing as I am a permanently affixed to the Internet, that's been a bit of a problem. A few juicy pieces of info have slipped in, such as the New Orleans setting and the new ability to use melee weapons to plow through the horde.

However, when I saw a headline exclaiming a look at the "trailer" for the game, I caved and watched. Now I can already feel the itch to run down city streets tossing pipe bombs and Molotovs into huddled masses of brain munchers. The title calls it a trailer, but this looks like it might actually be the opening cinematic to the game; either way, it has me jonesin' for more L4D2 ASAP.

Check it out below.
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