Yes, Barnard Hughes' Grandpa stole all the thunder, between his Windex aftershave and his casual, his epic closing line, and his nonchalant way of staking the head vamp and saving his family from a pesky future of bloodlust. But the Big Bad that he killed, well, he's my favorite part of The Lost Boys. Forget the Coreys, Kiefer, or Jason.

Edward Herrmann
, well before his riche Richard Gilmore years, was the most unlikely head honcho of evil. Tall, awkward, with big, thick glasses and a seemingly huge heart, Max was the video store geek. It was a look he used to his advantage, pulling off the persona of well-meaning new boyfriend for Dianne Wiest's Lucy. He knew how to be charming, considerate, and just reserved enough that you weren't quite sure if it was all for real.

Then again, maybe things would have been different with deleted scene #11 (see it after the jump). When Max describes Lucy as a lioness with her cubs and growls, I'm sure it would've given it all away. Okay, I kid. But sometimes the villain needs to be ridiculous. Not every baddie can look tough, or scare us to the bone. Just sometimes, they have to be the super-tall nerdy dude with bottle glasses and one unsexy vampire face.
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