I wouldn't say that we here at Cinematical have a full-blown addiction to cleverwearablemovie tie-ins, but I would say that we have a totally healthy, totally unrequited infatuation with movie themed t-shirts. And though we may not be pledging our love to Keyboard Cat on a film site (hey, Hollywood, when is the hugable maestro getting his biopic?), we do have a fair admiration for Internet memes as well. And now we finally get to combine the two with the brand new Three Teen Wolf Moon T-Shirt!

Since you are operating some kind of Internet connected device right now in order to read this, then I assume you are already familiar with the Three Wolf Moon T-shirt that became all the craze earlier this year. If you somehow escaped the craze, a quick refresher: it was a cheesy tee sold on Amazon that became absurdly popular because of the awe-inspiring power of its three wolves howling at the moon, as evidenced by user reviews such as this:

"Since owning the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt, I have successfully solved 7 crimes in my city, including 4 cold case murders. ... I do have one complaint, and that's that I must stay indoors on windy days. Last fall we had a windy day and I received notice that hundreds of women were suddenly pregnant, carrying my offspring, up to 12 miles away. That said, I would whole-heartedly recommend the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt. You never need to be a lone wolf again!"

And now 80stees.com has taken the next logical step (the first being Three Keyboard Cat Moon) by combining the meme with Teen Wolf. It'll cost you $20, but if simple wolves could bestow the wearer with magical powers, a triplicate of wolf'ed out Michael J. Fox is bound to, at the very least, solve the entire financial crisis, if not prevent 2012 as well.
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