The danger of free movie sites like Slashcontrol is that I often click on titles like The Legend of Loch Lomond out of curiosity and the promise of a short running time. I'm constantly plotting a return to Scotland, and 37 minutes of anything that might show me some heather covered hills is worth my time. Surprisingly, it was far prettier than I expected. In fact, the scenery is so breathtaking that I'm actually going to recommend this IMAX docudrama to you. (And no, I'm not talking about kilts.There's only 3 on gratuitous display, though you'll be amused how its modern wearer takes such care to sit down in his.) If you're as desperate for a weekend trip to the Highlands as I am, you should give this a watch.

The story and the dialogue are unbearably cheesy (it claims to be the romantic legend behind the famous Scottish song), and it smacks of the Celtic New Age fad that was all the rage in the mid 1990s. But ignore all of that, and just relax to the amazing landscapes, blue waters, and incredible sunsets on display. Even when the actors are running around in their rented corsets and ill-fitting kilts, you can tune them out in favor of the misty mountains, clear streams, and mossy castles. (The accents are also quite nice.) As awful as the story is, you can take comfort in the fact that's free, and it's only 37 minutes, 20 of which are aerial shots of Scotland. Believe me, it'll be a far more refreshing waste of time than your usual Internet surfing. Don't be surprised if you promptly waste more Googling cheap trips to the Highlands though ...

Take the high road, and watch The Legend of Loch Lomond on Slashcontrol.
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