Sylvester StalloneTake this with a huge grain of salt -- make that smelling salts. Sylvester Stallone has told Tele5 Germany that he wants to make Rocky 7, even though it might embarrass his family and himself. A German-language transcript of the interview is available at the site; translated by Babel Fish, my interpretation is: 'I know people would laugh at it, as I would if someone were making The Godfather Part 10. Enough! But I also know that if I succeed, it will be because this is a film about aging, not about boxing. I know it will provoke criticism. Even my wife said to me, Leave it. You'll embarrass the children. But I said, if I do not try, I an a very unfortunate man. One must do it. Artists must go again and again through the dark.'

On the one hand, Rocky Balboa and whoever else he wants to keep alive from that universe are Stallone's characters -- he created them and has the right to do what he wants to with them. On the other hand ... c'mon, Sly! Wasn't Rocky Balboa all about aging and the character, rather than boxing itself? Admittedly, that turned out better than most of us thought it would. But if you really want to tackle the issue of aging, especially from your perspective of a 63-year-old man, why not dream big and create a new character who's not a boxer or a weary war vet or a mountain climber or an updated Charles Bronson? After all, originality is what brought us Rocky.

UPDATE: Apparently all the hype is over nothing as Sly's comments here were in the past tense and about Rocky Balboa, not any new Rocky film. That's not to say he won't decide to make another one for the hell of it, but for now that franchise remains closed.
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