So, you're 16 and a total outcast, but you're kinda hot and into gore galore. Surely this drives all the horror fanboys mad--biding time until the right moment when they can woo you with their impeccable taste for terror. Truth is, you'd totally make out with them, but they're too scared to approach you and puberty has left you devoid of social know-how. This leaves you with the football players or other average morons who don't get you but want to sleep with you. Now you can probably understand why Ginger Fitzgerald in Ginger Snaps equates hormonal distress with hell on earth--otherwise known as high school.

When Ginger finally 'becomes a woman' things just get worse, period. Her little sister is freaked out, her mother announces it to everyone at the dinner table (with cake!) and she gets bitten by a wolf while trying to enact some good old-fashioned revenge on a classmate. After the attack she notices her body changing into something more...wild. It's not easy to hide a tail in your skinny jeans and the fur sprouting in strange places is definitely not hot, but all that is forgotten when something stronger calls to her. Suddenly the jocks don't seem like jerks and Ginger's new-found sexual energy is all consuming, literally. Horny turns to horrific when her romp with a few boys turns them into a tasty snack. As Ginger's transformation progresses, her humanity slips and everything becomes jeopardized, including her close relationship with her sister Brigitte.

At one point in the film Ginger says to Brigitte, "A girl can only be a slut, a bitch, a tease, or the virgin next door." Now, Ginger can't be any of those things if she wanted to. It's hard to celebrate your femininity and sexuality when you only have the need to feed.

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