Years ago, the Internet was an accessible haven for meeting people across the world -- for learning about new cultures and expanding horizons without leaving your desk. With the commercialization of this space over the years, however, that push has been forgotten. But the new project from David Lynch's son Austin and a friend named Jason S. is changing that, just a little.

If you've heard about the Interview Project already but haven't gone, I implore you to head over right now and check it out. The pair traveled across the U.S. for 70 days, interviewing random people they came across, young and old, both men and women. The collection of footage was then edited, and gets released every few days over at Lynch's vision definitely runs in the family. It doesn't hold the eeriness associated with much of the director's work, but it has the same eye for humanity (think mini bits of The Straight Story).

What I love most about the collection is how cinematic each piece is, even when utterly simple or mundane. It goes to show how great any documentary can be with just a little more attention given to art and the subject. (Which, of course, also makes me demand more from homegrown projects.) It's like a little spotlight on the random people we pass on a daily basis without thinking about twice -- this swarm of stories and quirks we're close to but blind to -- that's captured and projected onto a canvas.

What do you think of Interview Project?
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