Tom Atkins said "thrill me" and they did. Sony Home Entertainment is finally releasing Fred Dekker's 80's cult classic, Night of the Creeps, on DVD and Blu-ray. Yes, you read that right and you can pick it up tomorrow,October 27! At last, you can relive the alien slug/zombie invasion in all its Blu-ray glory. Life is good.

Michael Felsher from Red Shirt Pictures handled the DVD special features which includes:

- Commentary with writer/director Fred Dekker
- Cast commentary featuring Tom Atkins, Jill Whitlow, Steve Marshall and Jason Lively
- Birth of the Creeps featurette
- Cast of the Creeps featurette
- Creating the Creeps featurette
- Escape of the Creeps featurette
- Legend of the Creeps featurette
- Tom Atkins: Man of Action featurette
- Original theatrical ending (no doggie!)
- Deleted scenes
- Trivia track
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