Earlier this month
we told you that "Arrested Development" creator Mitch Hurwitz was scripting an absolutely for-reals, big-screen Arrested Development movie, and that he would direct it himself. Speaking at a writing panel this weekend at the Austin Film Festival (where he appeared alongside Steven Zaillian and AD executive producer Ron Howard), Hurwitz dropped a few more hints about what exactly we might be seeing plot-wise, and it sounds like somebody in the Bluth family (or heck, maybe all of 'em) will be heading to prison.

Honestly, it's hard to tell what Hurwitz meant when he briefly gave in to moderating producer Marcia Nasatir's prodding at the "Art of Storytelling" panel in Austin. According to Austin 360, "Hurwitz relented to Nasatir, and said that there would be a heavy jail presence and then made jokes about the inclusion of TARP money, a nod to the inability of a film to be as timely as television due to lag times in production and release."

Over at Collider, Matt Goldberg wonders if the Bluth family real estate business could easily lead into a comical plotline about the current housing crisis. Methinks you're onto something, Matt. Might we see another Bluth in prison orange? If so, I vote for putting a Bluth other than George Sr. or Gob behind bars, because the last time Will Arnett went to the slammer, well... we got Let's Go to Prison. (I know I shouldn't punish the AD universe for that stinker, but the negative association lingers.)

So what do you think, Cinematicalites? What could Hurwitz's "heavy jail presence" mean for the Arrested Development movie?
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