changed everything. This summer, we got a Transformers sequel and a live-action G.I. Joe. Someone is trying to get a Voltron movie off the ground. Tobey Maguire wants to produce Robotech. A fan-made trailer for a Thundercats film (starring Brad Pitt as Lion-O!) made people swoon with possibilities. Producers are even talking about giving He-Man and the Masters of the Universe another try at becoming a blockbuster.

Meanwhile, no one but me seems to care about M.A.S.K., Mobile Armored Strike Kommand. Well, no one but me and Albert Penello.

He runs "The M.A.S.K. Page", so he definitely knows what I'm talking about. M.A.S.K. was a 1985 toyline from Kenner featuring vehicles that transformed into...DIFFERENT VEHICLES! A car becomes a plane! A motorcycle takes to the air as a helicopter! A helicopter becomes a jet! But, wait! There's more! Each vehicle came with an action figure featuring a removable futuristic mask!

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