Netflix subscribers rejoiced when Microsoft partnered with the incredibly popular online rental service a little shy of a year ago to bring Netflix Watch Instantly streaming service to the Xbox 360 free of charge to members with a Gold Xbox Live Subscription. This move boosted Netflix' subscriber base considerably while also being a feather in Microsoft's multimedia cap; the 360 may not have a Blu-ray drive, but it does allow a user to stream all of Netflix' WI library to their TV. Well, now that feather has lost a little bit of its luster, as Microsoft's exclusive arrangement with the movie provider is no longer all that exclusive.

Starting this November, Netflix Watch Instantly streaming will be available for Sony's Playstation 3, also completely free of charge to anyone who owns a PS3 and subscribes to at least the $8.99 per month Netflix plan (that would be the 1 DVD out at-a-time plan with unlimited instant watching). It's a deal that should give PS3 owners a great feeling, as they now have the most multi-media friendly console on the market. I'm not picking sides here, but the system will soon be boasting the impressive combination of A) Sony's own online rental service, B) a Blu-ray drive, C) a built in web-browser that allows users to access sites like YouTube and Hulu, D) unrestricted access to Netflix' Watch Instantly library, which includes a several thousand strong selection of movies and TV shows. Oh, and it plays games too.

Read on for more details, including how to enable your PS3 for the new service, which is slightly more complicated than a system update.