If there's been a more divisive horror film released this year than Rob Zombie's Halloween II, I don't know what it is. I've run into people who think the filmmaker's second trip to Haddonfield is one of the best horror movies ever and folks who think the film serves as proof that Zombie is one-trick pony who can do nothing more than make redneck horror flicks filled with vulgarity. Personally, I think both sides are wrong. Halloween II is a tragically flawed film, but I'm not convinced it proves Zombie is a filmmaker with only one trick up his sleeve.

Dimension is set to give us all one more opportunity to view the film this weekend as they re-release Halloween IItheatrically (the cynical amongst us might look at this as one last opportunity for the film to bolster its disappointing box office haul...), but that's not the only news concerning the film making the rounds. Zombie took to Twitter last night to reveal that his director's cut for DVD is now complete. The filmmaker tweeted the following: "Halloween 2 director's cut is finally done. Very different than the theatrical version."

No specifics on how the DVD version may be different, but Zombie has gone on record saying that he conceived two versions of the film that showcased Laurie Strode in dramatically different ways. The theatrical version featured a sympathetic Laurie struggling to get her life back on track. In the other take (which the filmmaker has described as darker and more difficult to watch) Laurie's an unpleasant mess from the first scene forward. I suspect this is the version we'll all be seeing on disc.

No official release date has been set, but rest assured we'll be sharing those details as soon as they're announced.
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