It's not exactly surprising that Stephenie Meyers' world of Twilight has gotten copycat merchandise like porn and sex toys. The entire series is about the -- at first -- pent up sexual urges of a human and her vampiric paramour. But this one makes me laugh to no end because it's more suggestive than blatant. The blog Twitarded has thrown up the following ditty -- Twilight underwear where Edward's face is not only on the outside, but on the inside. (Just check the pic over to the right.)

The underwear were custom-made with Pattinson's face on the front, his lips on the inside, his signature along the seam, and the hand carrying the apple along the tuckus, which has too many, erm, unsanitary connotations to be a coincidence. The underwear was made with the idea that when it is time for fantasy, RPattz is there. But... Is it going too far to make links between vampires and menstruation? Sorry, but when we're talking about underwear for girls and bloodsuckers, it's really the first thing that comes to mind. I can't help it.

Here comes confession time. I once made something similar for a friend with Colin Farrell as a joke, but it didn't turn out nearly this professional looking. Have you ever made yer own fan-centric underoos? I used to think I was the only one with Christopher Walken underwear (with the face on the outside, I swear), and found out on Sunday that I'm not the only one with homemade Walken briefs. Truth!

[via Bust]
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