Having trouble finding that special someone? Is there no one out there in the big, scary world that will share with you your love of obscure Italian horror films of the eighties? Fret not, my macabre compatriot, for the internet gods have smiled upon us and unleashed Horror Crush, a free online dating site designed to bring together horror fans worldwide.

From the website:

Horror Crush is the premiere Internet dating network dedicated to uniting horror fans worldwide. Join our community to find that certain someone with the same passions as yours.

Horror Crush is part of the "Fan Crush" network, which counts among its ranks three other free niche dating sites devoted to bringing together fans of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Otaku, which is apparently Japanese animation and manga. Unfortunately, the number of available singles is relatively thin on account of it focusing on a specific group of individuals, so those living in minor cities might be out of luck.

This is seen in the testimony of The Dive Mistress, the proprietor of the outstanding horror blog Zombots!, who signed up for Horror Crush as a sort of social experiment. In the few weeks her profile has been active, it has been viewed approximately 128 people, which is approximately 22% of the entire site.

But don't let this hold you back! In addition to serving as a matchmaking site, Horror Crush features interviews, reviews and original articles on the horror industry. So despite the relative scarcity of members, there's still plenty of goodies with which to whet your horror appetite.
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