Are you ready for another hippie, hippie shake? The New York Post reports that Cocktail is getting turned into a Broadway musical by producer Marty Richards, and Heywood Gould, the pen behind the book and film, will write it. But that's not all. Gould told them: "I am writing it as we speak. Marty Richards is on board and he's working on the score. It's far too early to talk about casting. We haven't approached anybody yet. But I do like Katie Holmes." Yes, original star Tom Cruise's wife. Gould might not be the end-all on decisions, but since he's involved with all the story's incarnations, I bet he has some sway.

The 1998 film focuses on a young guy (Cruise) who drops out of school and becomes a famous bartender. Eager to have his own bar, he heads to Jamaica to earn enough money. While there, he must choose between the girl he falls for, and the rich woman who needs a "drink-mixing stud." Is it terrible to root for the latter? Who wouldn't want their own personal bartender?

If this sucker becomes a reality, I predict Cocktail, Reimagined! -- starring Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise -- coming to the big screen by 2015. Yeah, he's 20 years older as it is, but could he resist returning to his bartending fame alongside Katie? Or maybe he'll leave the love to a young and lucky bloke, and take over Bryan Brown's (Doug) bar vet ways? Or Doug becomes the drink-mixing stud?

Speaking of Hollywood couples -- for a pair so into one another, is it surprising that they haven't co-starred together yet? Maybe Tommy is fearing another Eyes Wide Shut experience.
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