The final season of Lost will bring with it a brand new villain come January: the Winter Olympics. Not only must ABC force us to wait until January to spend those precious final hours with our friends from the island, but Lost's Carlton Cuse has also revealed that the show will take a hiatus during the Olympics after the first few episodes. Painful, I know, but I guess the network doesn't want to compete against the Olympics (ABC isn't even airing any of the games).

There's no word on how long of a break they will take, only that the show will begin airing episodes in January before taking a break and resuming in early March. My hope is that we only have to wait two weeks at most, because if it's longer I fear ABC may have to go up against a nasty fan revolt.

ABC has also not yet announced the official premiere date for season six. C'mon ABC -- January is a long month; give us something, anything. We love countdowns. Give us a countdown!

[via IGN]
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