Why should Kiefer Sutherland have all the mirror-fearing fun? Okay, so it may have been a little difficult to bring Sutherland back for a sequel to Alexandre Aja's Mirrors, what with budgets and silly little details like scripts, but I'd have loved to see them try. After all, the best thing about Aja's Mirrors, itself a remake of the equally lacking Korean film Into the Mirror, was watching Sutherland kidnap nuns at gun point and growl all of his lines like he's trying to save the President's life. And while there may not be any nun-napping this time around, I have a sneaking suspicion the best thing about a Mirrors 2 is going to be watching Nick Stahl also yell at reflective surfaces.

The Terminator 3, Sin City and "Carnivale" star has been cast in the sequel, which will be written by Matt Venne (yay) and directed by Victor Garcia (uh oh), who recently did Return to House on Haunted Hill. Synopsis incoming:

"... after losing his fiancee in a car crash, for which he blames himself, suicidal Max Matheson (Stahl) reluctantly takes a job as a night watchman at his father's Mayflower Department Store. When his co-workers are killed off in gruesome and horrible ways and Max begins to see a mysterious young woman in all the store's mirrors, desperate to communicate with him, he fears he's losing his mind, or that he may be the next victim."
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