Katee Sackhoff, Tricia Helfer, Grace Park

The folks over at Inside TV put together a list of the hottest chicks in science fiction, but they somehow resisted the urge to rank them. Or maybe they just couldn't decide. As I was scanning the list, I found that I couldn't really disagree with any of them, but I could probably add to it.

The list hit some of the more obvious heavy-hitters like Summer Glau (Firefly/Terminator: The Sarah Connnor Chronicles), Evangeline Lilly (Lost) and the Battlestar Galactica trifecta of Tricia Helfer, Grace Park and Katee Sackhoff. But they even found room for classic beauties like Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek) and the original green-skinned hottie, Jane Badler (V).

Check out their full list and see what you think. I think it's a little stacked in favor of successful shows, and I further argue that if Billie Piper (Doctor Who) is on this list, then Freema Agyeman needs to be as well. After all, if Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Battlestar Galactica can represent more than once, why not the good Doctor. He's got a whole list of hot companions.
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