Steve Carr, the director of the surprise smash Paul Blart: Mall Cop, has signed to helm the remake of the 1986 comedy Short Circuit for Dimension Films. Now before everyone starts complaining, allowing childhood memories to get the better of them, I'd like everyone to take a second and watch this.

We're not exactly talking about high art here. Short Circuit was cute. That's all. There's nothing wrong with cuteness, and I bet Carr can do cute just fine. I'm honestly curious to know how they plan on approaching the design of Johnny-5 now that technology has gotten to the point where robots are almost lifelike.

The original film starred Ally Sheedy and Steve Guttenberg in the story of a robot created for the military who gains sentience and a precocious personality after a lightning storm. Hijinks ensue. It was followed up by a sequel, Short Circuit 2, in 1988.

(Via Variety)
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