With Halloween upon us, we're visiting our last comic book villain here on The Geek Beat. I really really wanted to end with symmetry, and focus on a DC villain from an upcoming film so that each universe had two villains. But unfortunately, The Green Lantern is the only DC project that we have a definitive villain for. Some that are in pre-production (The Flash, Green Arrow) have such an enormous rogue's gallery that I'm at a loss as to who a screenwriter might pick. Others (Superman) have been shelved, and the most exciting (Batman) have been beaten to death in the Christopher Nolan rumor mill. There are others I can't talk about because I'd get in serious trouble. So with big apologies to DC fans, we're going to return to the Marvel Universe to meet the monstrosity that I suspect could torment First Avenger: Captain America. His eyes are currently drilling holes into your soul from the top of the post: The Red Skull.

I'm very glad I encountered the Red Skull after I overcame my childhood fear of skulls and skeletons. Given the nightmares that spawned from exposure to the They Live! poster (a permanent fixture on the wall of our ghetto video rental place), I can't imagine what effect the above image would have had on me. Come to think of it, I didn't need to see it. He's exactly what I thought lived in my basement, and lurked around the hallway outside my bedroom.

But when it comes to Marvel lore, the Red Skull isn't the kind of villain my young brain would have imagined. His picture conjures up slaughterhouse horrors. He seems like the kind of monster that will peel you and eat you to sustain his lifeforce, but he's actually far more terrifying because he stems from real horror. He's a Nazi.
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