I can be impatient about things sometimes, and that was certainly the case with The House of the Devil. From the moment I saw those magnificent posters it was love. As soon as the Video on Demand version was available I downloaded it and happily handed over my ten bucks. Chances are I'll be seeing it again in the theater this Friday, October 30 when it opens.

In preparation for the festivities Magnolia Pictures is conducting a live Twitter chat with The House of the Devil director Ti West. You can join the chat this Thursday, October 29 from 11-12 PM PST. Type #DEVILHOUSE in the search bar and hit enter to follow the conversation. Insert the #DEVILHOUSE tag in your question for Ti to make sure it stays on thread. Perhaps I'll ask if it's normal to want spankings from Tom Noonan dressed as Francis Dollarhyde. Sorry.

Twitter has been a very successful marketing tool for many flicks, including the recent indie haunt Paranormal Activity. It's nice to see Ti's indie spirit supported by Magnolia after the Cabin Fever 2 debacle. IFC.com is currently premiering West's new web series Dead & Lonely, which tells the tale of two lonely singles looking for love. However, one of them is a vampire. You can check out my interview with West about the series here.

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