I find it amazing that there was never a Disney revolution. Just this week I wrote about how horror was reinvigorated when women were allowed to fight back. Thinking of the two together, it's a bit embarrassing that horror fiends could buy into strong women, but familial units could not. On one side, there's Laurie Strode and Sydney Prescott. On the other...

There's an image swirling around Digg, which you can see above (click on the image to get it full-sized). It's the classic Disney princesses roster -- Snow White*, Aurora, Jasmine, Ariel, Belle, and Cinderella. Above their smiling faces, however, are their basic characteristics and plot lines. When you boil it down to the basics, the story is enough to make anyone queasy. Snow White's hormones almost kill her, Aurora is married off in the crib for politics and saved years later with a kiss (or sex and slavery when Anne Rice has her say), Jasmine is a pretty girl saved by a street rat, Ariel gets to look pretty and say nothing, Belle works her sexuality, and Cinderella is saved because of her beauty.

The fact that Sleeping Beauty was lucky enough to fall for her prince, like the others, doesn't change much. It's just a necessary plot twist to make all the rest palatable. How is it that we've yet to get a super-smart, super-funny, super-likable Disney princess to add to the pack -- maybe one who Nancy Drews her way to saving the prince. Sure, it'd probably make all the other princesses pale in comparison, but you know young girls would love it.

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*Typo corrected.
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