It seemed like maybe Adam Sandler was looking at ripping that crap-of-a-comedy stigma from him when he starred in Funny People, reminding the world that the old Sandler was a mix of ridiculous laughs and dramedy. But here's another reason to assume that was just a random blip in lowest common denominator fare: Variety reports that Columbia Pictures has grabbed the actor to star in a romantic comedy called Jack and Jill.

Rom-com can mean many things, and potentially even something good for the actor, but get a load of this: He will "play Jack as well as his twin sister Jill." And it was written by Steve Koren (old SNL scribe behind the Almighty flicks, Night at the Roxbury,and Superstar.) That's all we know. Considering the "rom" part, I'd hope that there's a love interest outside of this duo, because who would want to see Sandler-on-Sandler incest? Yes, I'm being negative, but it all comes from how the project was positioned and revealed. Should we expect anything more from a romantic comedy when the powers that be decide to kick things off by talking about Sandler cross-dressing? If that's the notable part of the news designed to start perking interests, there's definitely a Happy Madison bend to the whole thing. And yes, his company is producing .

Can you think of a way that this film could be anything more than another Chuck & Larry sort of offering? Could this possibly be more Tootsie than The Hot Chick? Do you want to see Adam Sandler in Hollywood drag?
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